Bayer CropScience Canada

Bayer CropScience is a leader in the Canadian Crop Protection and Seed Market, developing, marketing and servicing high-performance seeds, seed treatments, biologicals, herbicides, fungicides and insecticide products. With their diverse and high-performance product portfolio, they continue to be a market leader in supporting farmers in their crop production needs.


Bayer CropScience offers a multitude of customer programs and services to support their seed and crop protection business in Canada. Bayer CropScience is committed to running successful customer programs by consistently exceeding their customer expectations in program delivery and timely distribution of accurate rebate payments to their retailer and farmer customers annually. Bayer requires help to implement program fulfillment to their customers.


For Bayer CropScience, AGDATA completes their program fulfillment and check runs in the Canadian market. Leveraging transactional sales data collected through their standard data collection process and database, AGDATA reconciles data provided by Bayer CropScience and completes fulfillment services on their behalf. Bayer continues to utilize not only AGDATA’s fulfillment services, but also AGDATA’s data collection and management services, with proven performance and value demonstrated over the last several years.


The ingestion of data through AGDATA’s Canadian Retailer Data Submission portal (formerly AgCollect) has allowed Bayer CropScience to streamline their program management and fulfillment processes, thereby reducing the number of overpayments on their programs while also decreasing the timing for the payments to be received by customers. The data collection process is at the core of program fulfillment success, relieving the strain on Bayer’s internal resources, by outsourcing these functions to AGDATA. “Bayer views AGDATA as a partner in the rebate process.  The willingness to work on the projects together and integrating AGDATA into our team is appreciated and is crucial to our success.” Graham Hastie, Bayer.