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Coffee Chats: Q&A with Matt Segedi

By Garret Giesler

Matt Segedi joined AGDATA in August of 2019 as a Principal Software Engineer. He has over 15 years of software development experience, with a heavy focus on software architecture and design.


Q: How do you describe your role as a Principal Software Engineer?

A: There are a few different parts to it. Overall, I help the team and offering them the ability to learn and grow, while remaining hands-on in building solutions for our clients. I offer guidance on different programming patterns and practices as well as make suggestions during code reviews before the code becomes part of our products. Another part of my role is to design technical solutions for new and existing products for our Marketing Program Management solution, which allows the team to stay focused on developing the actual code for the solutions.


Q: What are some projects you work on?

A: I work on both the externally and internally facing tools of our Marketing Program Management solution. Our clients use the external tools to view information about their programs, calculate earnings, estimate future rewards, analyze performance, and request payment for currently available rewards. Internally, AGDATA employees use tools to configure those programs.


Q: What is the main goal of your team?

A: To develop solutions that allow our internal teams to manage marketing programs, while also developing external solutions for clients to interact with that data.


Q: Why work with AGDATA?

A: Everyone at AGDATA cares deeply about our client commitments. The clients always come first.




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