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Coffee Chats: Q&A with Melissa Lai

By Garret Giesler

Melissa Lai is an Account Executive at AGDATA who supports the Strategic and Emerging Market. She joined the team in August 2017 and has been working with over a dozen manufacturers on initiatives such as increasing supply chain visibility, making sales teams more effective, and supporting stewardship. Melissa offered us more insight in what she does here at AGDATA to support our clients.


Q: What does the client onboarding process look like?

A: It typically begins with a lot of discovery conversations about the different types of AGDATA solutions and how we can align our capabilities to our clients’ business needs. We like to thoroughly understand the business objectives, problems or challenges you are facing, as well as what the “perfect” data scenario would be.


Q: How do you describe your role at AGDATA?

A: There’s 2 components. The first component is helping our current clients achieve their goals and keeping them informed on new solutions to support their success. The second component is expanding our current client base by finding new opportunities with small to mid-sized agriculture companies. I love helping sales and marketing leaders understand what insights they can gain with collecting data from their supply chain.


Q: What are some things you do to support our clients on a day to day basis?

A: I share insights and trends, give ideas on how to utilize their services with AGDATA to the fullest potential, make recommendations on how to be more efficient and derive insights from data, and make recommendations to clients on how to structure new programs to support their data initiatives.


Q: What does a day in the life look like?

A: It’s a balance of internal and external meetings. I’m also always researching and learning more about the industry and increasing my knowledge of what companies are doing and determining how we can help.


Q: Why work with AGDATA?

A: If there is a need to increase sales and make your sales and marketing investments more effective, we can help. We have provided accurate and enriched sales data for 30+ years for clients of all sizes and helped them scale their business.




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