Data Management


From designing master data management strategies to basic data hygiene practices, AGDATA provides the world’s leading crop input and animal health manufacturers with a comprehensive set of data management services and solutions.

AGDATA collects sales data from over 7,000 agricultural, veterinary, and pet specialty retailers and distributors across North America as it flows from the manufacturer to the distributor to the retailer to the grower or veterinary consumer and back through the chain – enabling a continuous loop of visibility and informed decision making. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, accuracy, cleanliness and enrichment services of collected data for our clients.

  • Streamline the collection, sharing, analytics and accuracy of channel data.
  • Maintain complete visibility across the supply chain data funnel.
  • Standardize data so it can be read and exported in many different formats.
  • Reduce human error and turnaround time by using an API to create a direct, seamless and secure connection into an organization’s systems.
  • Stay up to date on marketplace changes that affect data.
  • Set up supply chain infrastructure to sync channel hierarchies with customer data.
  • Improve product and sales tracking through AGDATA partnerships with groups like AGGATEWAY and AVDA.
  • Enjoy the highest degree of confidentiality with secure data management practices.

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ImmuCell wanted a CRM platform that was affordable, manageable and customizable based on their business needs.

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Case Study

Merck Animal Health

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