Reporting + Analytics


Extensive networks of distributors, retailers and customers are generating a huge amount of raw data each day. If you can convert that data into actionable, timely and relevant information, you gain the ability to make impactful decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition.

At AGDATA, we give clients views of data at multiple levels – from wholesaler to retailer to grower. With a more informed view of the sales landscape, access to critical business intelligence, including sales rep performance, same store sales, YOY sales performance, channel partner sales comparisons, sales and inventory tracking, co-promotion implementation, and geographic/territory sales effectiveness, becomes available.

  • Create and utilize a range of standard and customized reports, including program rationalization and planning, budgeting and tracking of exposures vs. accruals, and customer behavior insights.
  • Pull real-time, sales-related reports based on specific markets that provide field employees the ability to view client related sales data – allowing them to make client-centric decisions that drive timely business needs.
  • Make program adjustments in real time and forecast annual planning needs with our state-of-the-art, single view program portals.
  • Evaluate product penetration, sales effectiveness, and program ROI with robust post program analytics capabilities.

Case Study


ImmuCell wanted a CRM platform that was affordable, manageable and customizable based on their business needs.

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Case Study

Central Life Sciences

Sold through national distributors, Central Life Sciences offers rebate programs to promote a variety of pest control solutions for varied application sites designed to serve the needs of various end users.

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