Trait + Seed Licensing


Biotechnology has changed the landscape of agriculture, providing greater environmental sustainability and helping growers increase yield and lower production costs. At the same time, creating beneficial traits is a long, rigorous and expensive process.

AGDATA is the leader in helping trait and germplasm providers protect and monetize their technology across a wide range of crops. Through our expertise, industry relationships and trusted solutions like AgCelerate, we can help seed manufacturers facilitate grower licensing, compliance management, royalty collection and reporting.

  • Create an easy-to-access electronic record of each license agreement that minimizes the need for paper agreements.
  • Provide growers with a quick, convenient way to sign multiple licensing agreements for multiple providers.
  • Manage licenses with a seamless platform that reduces compliance activities and creates accessible digital contracts.
  • Facilitate grower licensing, compliance management and reporting.

Case Study

Central Life Sciences

Sold through national distributors, Central Life Sciences offers rebate programs to promote a variety of pest control solutions for varied application sites designed to serve the needs of various end users.

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Case Study

Corteva Agriscience™

Corteva Agriscience™ offers grower purchase programs across Canada for their seed and crop protection products.

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