Merck Animal Health manufacturers a broad portfolio of vaccines and pharmaceutical medicines, programs and technical services that help maintain and improve animal health for companion animals, equines, swine, poultry, ruminants, and aquaculture. Recognizable brands include Pancur, Safeguard, Tri-Heart, and Home Again.


Merck Animal Health offers multiple rebate programs across all animal health categories, serving over 400 territory representatives, sales management and marketing personnel. Because of program complexities and incentive volumes, the strain on internal resources to maintain program accuracy and reliability, reduce payment duplication, and maintain timely payment disbursement was becoming cumbersome for Merck Animal Health.


AGDATA manages a single view marketing program portal for Merck Animal Health. The portal, combined with a distributor access program (which allows distributors to automatically upload sales data), provides visibility and functionality in real time for more than 400 Merck users and a nationwide network of animal health distributors.


The ingestion of data into a single source has allowed Merck Animal Health to streamline their program fulfillment process, reduce the number of duplicate and overpayments on programs, and decrease the payment cycle. “AGDATA has consistently delivered accurate and timely payments to our customers. We depend on their industry knowledge and their program management expertise and value our continued partnership.” said Gail Scrivanich, Merck Animal Health U.S.