For more than twenty years, Pet King Brands veterinarian-approved, enzyme-based products have helped animals find relief and comfort from skin, ear and oral conditions. Their products are safe, non-toxic and easy to use.


Pet King Brands was looking for a way to manage their data at the clinic and retail level to help them develop insights and grow their market share. Pet King Brands needed a solution to give them greater visibility into their supply chain and develop an effective go-to-market strategy to target customers based on their purchases. They wanted a way to easily identify diverters at the distributor, retailer and clinic level to aid their new e-commerce strategy.


Pet King Brands utilizes AGDATA’s data management solution, which includes data collection from several distributors and over 8,000 retailer locations, processing, integration, and analysis. Pet King Brands uses AGDATA’s newest reporting dashboards at the management, regional, and territory levels. The dashboards allow Pet King Brands managers to use consistent, reliable data to quickly identify business trends and drive their decisions to meet the needs of their business. Pet King reps use the dashboards to effectively command their territories, manage new business and stay ahead of lost business, and drive insightful, relevant conversations with their customers.


“AGDATA allows us to do a “deep dive” of our product line. Before AGDATA, we didn’t have the data to drive our decisions. We look at AGDATA as an investment to grow and understand our business. The AGDATA dashboards allow us to quickly identify business trends and manipulate the data in a way that meets our needs. The AGDATA team is always available to answer questions, set up training and offer custom solutions if needed. They are a true partner.” -Dan Archetti, National Sales Director, Pet King Brands