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AGDATA in the field: AAEP Convention 2019

By Beth Stelzleni

American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) yearly convention in Denver, Colorado.

The AAEP is an organization composed of nearly 9,300 veterinarians and veterinary students from 61 countries. The mission of this organization is to enhance the professional development of its members, provide resources for the benefit of the equine industry, and improve the health and welfare of the horse.

The AAEP yearly convention is a time for veterinarians to gather together for educational, professional, and social opportunities. In conjunction with the convention, there is a tradeshow consisting of manufacturers and distributors of all things equine — from feed to vaccines. The tradeshow is the heart of the convention where veterinarians, manufacturers, sales teams, and other industry professionals gather to discuss the current state of the equine industry.

One of the most discussed topics among manufacturers in the tradeshow was the rise in equine product sales through e-commerce. Many companies are struggling to adjust to this buying behavior and are looking for tools to help them manage this side of the business. Another trend I noticed was the upsurge in companies providing electronic solutions to veterinarians to help them manage their practices. As a whole, veterinarians are searching for tools to help them with scheduling, billing, and other routine business practices. There were four companies in the tradeshow this year that offered these kinds of tools, compared to only one present last year.

The AAEP does an excellent job in bringing the equine industry together, and this year was no different. The convention was an excellent opportunity for me to stay current in the trends and hot topics that are important right now, as well as connecting with clients and learning about new businesses in the industry. The equine industry is a very important part of the agriculture sector, and the AAEP reminds me how proud I am to be part of it.



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