ImmuCell is a growing animal health company that develops, manufactures and markets scientifically-proven products that improve health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries. ImmuCell develops, manufactures and markets the First Defense® product line that provides “immediate immunity” against aggressive pathogens, including E. coli, coronavirus, and rotavirus in newborn dairy and beef calves without the use of traditional antibiotics.


ImmuCell was in need of a CRM system to help streamline sales and marketing activity, customer tracking, and sales account planning.  ImmuCell wanted a CRM platform that was affordable, manageable and customizable based on their business needs.


ImmuCell leverages AGDATA’s Focus CRM and Analytics platform. Because of the customizable platform, ImmuCell was able to create a functional CRM system reflective of their business structure that allows them to manage the sales and marketing activities for 8 Sales and Marketing Managers across the United States.  More specifically, sales reps are able to review account data such as farm financials, client buying history and behavior (who is more likely to buy direct from their veterinarian vs. distributor), plan sales routes and customer visits as well as providing an overall sales view for the corporate management team.


“Implementing a CRM system was a huge project for us,” said Kathy Becher, Sales and Marketing at ImmuCell. “We had no system in place, and there are so many CRM options available nowadays, but what drew us to AGDATA was the data feed (Focus Analytics) into the CRM system, providing us a more holistic view of our market and the mobile application was important for in market accessibility. An added benefit of working with AGDATA is the timely customer service and accessibility to resources for help with questions or concerns we have.”