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2020 Data Trends – Tableau

By Garret Giesler

Tableau Data Trend Report

Earlier in 2020, Tableau released a 2020 data trends report on the top data trends that we will be seeing in 2020. The top six data trends outlined in their reports include data literacy, artificial intelligence, data storytelling, data equity, data culture, and data management.

1) Data Literacy

Organizations are taking steps to becoming more data-driven by analyzing and navigating digital work environments. As people become more skilled in data analytics, they will become more excited about using data to draw insights for their organization. Visualizing data allows it to become easily consumable and actionable (see our blog post on the power of visualizing data)!

2) AI

Artificial intelligence has been a large focus of organization’s technology investments so far in 2020. The value of machine learning and artificial intelligence comes from the decisions made with the data knowledge. We recognize that technology is continuing to evolve, and are scaling our platforms in 2020 to leverage AI to improve our data management and analytics solutions

3) Data Storytelling

Data storytelling refers to applying narratives to data — it’s the context around the data that tells the story and provides value. Looking at data as a narrative allows you to spot trends more easily and think of problems differently. For example, at AGDATA we help our clients frame their story to optimize their sales by using data to evaluate yearly performance, segment sales by region, develop customer insights, and more.

4) Data Equity

Implementing data systems as a resource for your business provides transparency and improves employee satisfaction across your organization. Studies show that happy employees are more productive employees, hence further leading to diverse and successful workplaces.

5) Data Culture

A data analytics strategy across your organization should be inclusive of all teams — fostering a culture of using data to enable strategic decision-making across your organization will allow your business to support and reach your overarching goals.

6) Data Management

Knowing and understanding where your data lives is crucial, and being able to integrate that data into your internal systems allow your organization to easily develop insights on the data. Whether that is finding new business opportunities, developing further insights on your customers and your products, or learning what is selling and what isn’t, you will be informed when making business decisions moving forward.

With data services at our core, at AGDATA we thrive on helping our clients overcome all their data challenges. Want to learn more about our data management solution? Contact us here.
For more information on 2020 data trends, check out Tableau’s report here.



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