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5 Ways AGDATA’s Trait License Management Tool, AGCELERATE, Can Help Seed and Trait Manufacturers

By Garret Giesler

Meet AGCELERATE, AGDATA’s trait license management solution, the largest database of verified accurate grower data in North America.

Seed manufacturers utilize AGCELERATE to ensure that every grower who purchases a triat or seed variety meets governmental regulations and understands how to best steward the seed and related technology. AGCELERATE allows growers to instantly sign agreements digitally, and immediately become licensed for seed agreements without any delays.

Imagine what trait licensing looked like before AGCELERATE. Seed growers would have to go to a unique website for each client to get licensed, or even sign paper copies of the agreement for each individual manufacturer. Whereas now, a grower can register once through AGCELERATE and be licensed with multiple manufacturers instantly.

Manufacturers are also using the platform as a way to track seed varieties, identifying end users of specific seed types. AGDATA understands the limitations of tracking manual license agreements, which is why we developed AGCELERATE. With easy, real-time accessibility to trait licensing data, manufacturers can better target marketing and advertising initiatives, drive future R&D for additional varieties or traits, and better understand their end users.

5 benefits of AGCELERATE for seed and trait manufacturers

  1. Develop insights on who is using your product
  2. Forecast demand and drive future R&D
  3. Drive targeted marketing
  4. Protect seed varieties and intellectual property rights
  5. Ensure legal compliance


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