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Coffee Chats: Q&A with Stefanie Hasty

By Garret Giesler

Rebate program payments can be a complicated process — especially when it means mailing around 150,000 checks annually. Thankfully AGDATA’s Fulfillment Manager, Stefanie Hasty, oversees all the details. Since joining AGDATA in 2015, Stefanie has held various roles in customer success and payments operations, all attributing to her success as our Fulfillment Manager.


Q: How would you describe your job as a fulfillment manager?

A: I manage the payment operations team. We manage all rebate program payments on behalf of our clients. We take internal and external program calculations and we conduct the fulfillment of payments in the form of checks, and send them out to our client’s customers.


Q: What’s a day in the life like?

A: Some of my responsibilities include implementing new payment tools, onboarding of new customers who purchase fulfillment services, testing of check forms, setting up bank accounts, and managing fulfillment schedules for our clients. Payment operations works with every team at AGDATA; we work a lot with tech services, customer success, and others.


Q: What’s your team’s main goal?

A: To deliver accurate and timely payments for all of our clients. We go through three quality checks for accuracy. Everything we send out is on behalf of the client, so it’s important to deliver accurate payments because we’re an extension of the client. Our clients really put their trust in our team.


Q: Why work with AGDATA?

A: Accuracy. We have quality control metrics to ensure that we have the highest accuracy rate possible. Also, we offer a variety of additional options with fulfillment services — we work with clients and customize based on what they want. We can provide back-up statements, send out marketing materials with the rebate payments, letters, and make it personalized to their customer. We handle special mailings so sales reps can hand-deliver payments. We’re always looking out for our clients in the services we provide.



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