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Benefits of Electronic Seed Trait Licensing Agreements for Manufacturers, Growers, and Retailers

By Garret Giesler

Over the past 5 years, the number of electronic licensing agreements has rapidly increased as manufacturers, growers, and retailers are looking for a faster, easier way to get licensed. With AGCELERATE, AGDATA’s trait license management system, signing agreements has never been easier. Let’s dig into 3 of the top benefits of electronic licensing agreements.

  1. Speed – Growers can get licensed within minutes, rather than filling out paper agreements that can take weeks to process.
  2. Security – Electronic agreements provide growers and retailers with more protection of personal information than traditional snail mail.
  3. Easily accessible – Agreements can be searched and are provided in a clean, legible format in an easy, online user interface with 24/7 access.

“It allows us to have one system to validate all licenses for growers. We can have them sign license agreements, and get results instantly, instead of waiting weeks to get confirmation after sending in a paper copy.”

-AGDATA client

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