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Coffee Chats: Q&A with Jan Burlee

By Garret Giesler

Jan Burlee is an experienced client engagement professional and has been with AGDATA since 2014. This week we sat down with Jan to learn more about what she does to service our clients!


Q: What does the client onboarding process look like?

A: It typically begins with a lot of discovery conversations about the different types of AGDATA solutions and how we can align our capabilities to our clients’ business needs. We like to thoroughly understand the business objectives, problems or challenges you are facing, as well as what the “perfect” data scenario would be.


Q: How does your team support new clients?

A: We start by developing an implementation timeline and discussing the business rules of our relationship, such as desired meeting cadence — understanding how frequently the client would like to meet, if that is in-person, by phone or a combination of status tactics to make sure we are always in sync. Also, reviewing and documenting next steps on any project, so teams are aligned is key to supporting our clients.


Q: How do you make sure all the necessary client work gets done?

A: Thorough and efficient project management. We go through production schedules that outline which teams are working on which projects, along with their responsibilities and due dates. We keep track of when the project starts, when it will be finished, and where we are in the process.


Q: What is the main goal of the client engagement team?

A: We always want to ensure that the client’s expectations are met. We want communication to be consistent, clear and timely.


Q: Why work with AGDATA?

A: We think holistically about the end goals of our clients. AGDATA is genuinely invested in the work we do for our clients, with your best interest in mind. We are constantly bringing fresh ideas, thinking about opportunities you might be overlooking, and helping you see the bigger picture.




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