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Digital marketing in agriculture — does it work?

By Garret Giesler

As a marketer, it’s always interesting to see what marketing trends are booming for the year, especially in the Agriculture industry, where one assumes traditional channels reign. At the end of every year we look forward to hearing about the Media Use Survey from Meister Media, that profiles how growers and retailers use digital media.

At the end of 2019 when growers were asked to answer which resources inform their purchasing decisions, 51% reported that social media is not very useful or not at all useful to them. On the other hand, growers reported that peers, tradeshows, and manufacturers / dealers were the top three most useful when informing purchasing decisions. Strong human relationships are still extremely important in the agriculture industry.

Although 51% of growers claim that social media is not useful to them, that leaves the remaining 49% surveyed that either sometimes or regularly check social media. Another survey indicated that 25% of farmers have used digital channels for agricultural purchases specifically.

So, how do you reach those farmers that ARE using social media?

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook and YouTube were shown to the most active social media channels for growers. Therefore, it is possible leveraging digital content on these platforms could help manufacturers, suppliers and retailers reach the modern farmer in addition to the tried-and-true marketing tactics like direct mail and traditional media (like print).

Don’t forget the relationship

An important component of planning a digital marketing spend is knowing your audience and segmenting your messages and content appropriately. Since we know human interaction or peer to peer engagement is still heavily valued, personalization in the agriculture industry should not be overlooked.

With increased competition in the channel, using an omnichannel marketing strategy to promote marketing programs, sales programs, or new products can help improve your brand loyalty and increase revenue.



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