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Keeping your business running throughout COVID-19

By Garret Giesler

Here at AGDATA, we are adjusting to the new virtual work life, just like many of our partners. Tradeshows and events have been canceled, we can no longer go out and visit our customers face-to-face, and we are having to become much more proficient at video conference calls. In a relationship-based industry like ours, this shift can present many challenges, and it’s important to figure out how to navigate these changes and stay connected in the industry.

Additionally, our partners are challenged with visibility into their supply chain and how current market situations are impacting demand. Our partners are telling us that it’s a struggle to get good information about what’s happening right now, let alone forecasting what will happen tomorrow. At AGDATA, we are here to help. AGDATA has a long history of helping agriculture and animal health companies become more productive and efficient by harnessing the power of data collection and marketing program management.
“Now more than ever, our customers need to have clear visibility into their supply chain. COVID-19 is in impacting everyone’s business, businesses are looking to analyze how much customers are buying right now, where the inventory is, and how it compares to prior years. This type of data management is the very essence of what we do here at AGDATA. We can help,” says Heffy Provost, AGDATA CEO.

Below are some ways AGDATA can help your business manage through COVID-19:

Recognize trends and patterns

Knowing what sales are happening, or not happening, at the clinic and retailer level is essential to running your business. By analyzing and comparing last year’s sales to this year’s sales, you can see exactly how COVID-19 is impacting your business. With AGDATA’s data management dashboards, you and your sales managers can gather insights on how this year’s purchases compare to last year’s, where customer shifts are occurring, and which geographic locations are struggling more than others. Once you know where to focus, you can make knowledgeable business decisions.

Make a plan

Forecasting for the future relies on data from the past, and it goes without saying that sales in 2020 are going to be impacted by COVID-19. Whether that means they are higher than normal in Q1 or significantly down in Q3, it is going to be difficult to normalize this year’s sales when forecasting for 2021. Being able to compare overall market trends to previous years’ performance will help you adjust your forecast and understand what you need to do to grow. By utilizing AGDATA’s analytics, you’ll be able to make projections with less error and more insight.

Support your customers

Early tracking of customers that qualify for programs is a valuable tool that helps manufacturers process early rebate payments. AGDATA’s program services provide monthly reports to help our partners understand their program performance, and the performance of their customers within the program. With years of marketing program and fulfillment experience, we can efficiently push out partial payments to help you provide relief to your customers given the current market situation. We are here to help strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

We are committed to helping our partners during these challenging times. Want to learn more about how AGDATA can help your business overcome today’s uncertainty? Contact us here to discuss your specific needs.


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