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Kinetic Vet Case Study

By Garret Giesler

Kinetic Vet Case Study

Kinetic Vet was looking for a solution that would allow them to see further into their supply chain, enabling them to identify trends in their product sales. Kinetic Vet wanted to know exactly where their products were being sold and to whom. Specifically, managers at Kinetic Vet wanted to gain deeper insights on their customers so their reps could call on them directly and have more effective conversations.


Kinetic Vet utilizes a variety of AGDATA services, including data collection,  CRM (customer relationship management) system, and customized reporting. AGDATA’s insight-driven dashboards integrate directly into Kinetic Vet’s CRM, allowing the reps to have knowledge at their fingertips, no matter where they travel in the field. In addition, AGDATA created a customized sample tracking report for Kinetic Vet to effectively track the success of sampling practices by comparing account sales performance.

The Outcome

“With COVID-19, distribution cannot visit vet clinics. The distributor is our partner, but ultimately not our customer. AGDATA allows us to develop further information about our customer base so we can target them directly. AGDATA is always available to answer any questions we may have, and always willing to develop a custom platform to fit the needs of our business.” -Stuart L. Pierce, DVM, President, Kinetic Vet

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