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Bright lights, bright smiles, bright minds

By Kate Golden

Company values are not just neon signs on a wall or a page on a website: they inspire our actions every day.

At AGDATA we strive to live by our values — as a company and as individuals. They help us grow professionally and personally. They frame the goals and actions of everyone here.

When we think about our company values, we think about our people, our business, and our future. At AGDATA we strive to be:

  • Accountable: We hold each other accountable and challenge each other to reach our goals.
  • Adaptable: We are flexible and adaptable.
  • Collaborative: We recognize the worth in each other and collaborate for better results.
  • Curious: We have an insatiable curiosity about our business that allows us to innovate beyond all boundaries.
  • Growth-minded: We seek perpetual growth and are never content with just the status quo.


What values inspire you?

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each of our values!

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